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Animal Farm – Facts about farm animals (most people don’t know)

You already know the cow goes moo, now learn some other stuff about farm animals

by Alexander Quebec

Since domesticating the first animals back in 8,000 BCE, humans and farm animals enjoy a special relationship. The animals that either make or make up our food deserve special attention, so in honor of National Farm Animals Day, here are a few facts about them you may not know about.

Chickens learn from their parents


After years of living with them, I’ve come to the realization that in spite of a few unexplained bumps on my forhead, my parents did thier best with me ( I was a finicky baby, or so I am told) For chickens, however, it’s a bit of a diffrent story. You see, long time ago, it was thought that it was instict that made chickens do what they do, but recently, it has been discovered that baby chicks learn through observing thier mother on which foods are safe to eat, which predators to avoid, etc. This would insinuate that chickens are more complex thinkers than we originally thought.

Chickens also have the unique distinction of being the closest living relative to the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex from the late cretacious period (Yes, they were in a movie called Jurrasic Park, and I think a few people adressesd that already)

Cows can acknowledge names (and totally ignore you in the process)

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Cows, like sulking teens everywhere, are capable of recongnizing and acknowledging thier names, but sometimes, like said teens, will roll thier eyes and shift back to texting thier friends about whatever it is the teens are texting these days.
Also like teens, cows are also very social creatures and will often isolate themselves with other cows to groom and take care of children. Cows will sometimes have one cow watch while the others rest, drink water or eat at the cow version of Chipotle.

Gaots can recover from abuse and neglect

While it may seem like they are stubborn and rude, goats can be quite the optimistic kind. When a group of abused goats were taken into a sanctuary, they were mixed with a group of non abused goats into a location with two buckets, an empty one and one filled with food. The researchers found that the formerly abused female goats were more willing to take the change to look for food in the empty buckets. The researchers then came to the conclusion that the goats realized that thier living situation had improved from where they were the last time.

Goats are also very social creatures, who love to play, fight and even make amends over past misdeeds against each other. They are also quite cunning and will use other animals to overcome any phyiscal obsticales they may come across.

Sheep know how to get around things

Gullible and naive they are not, Sheep are so intelligent, they can remember the faces of up to 50 sheep for over 7 years. They have even been known to overcome obsticles, one farm finding out that thier sheep would roll underneath a barrier to get into the garden flowers. Sheep not only provide meat, but they are also behind most of the wool we wear, in fact a mature female sheep makes about 7-10 pounds of shorn wool a year, enough to make one man’s suit.

Pigs can play video games

Pigs have the capacity to learn thier own names, as well as a few simple commands, similar to dogs. Researchers have also taught pigs to play video games using a simple joystick to hit targets on a screen.

Pigs are also attached to thier mothers and will make a distinct sound to thier mothers if they are ever lost. Piglets seperated from mom also eat less and display reckless and more agressive tendences.

Looks can be deceiving, the messy pig rolling in the mud actually comes from the fact that pigs do not have sweat glands and use mud to help cool themselves down when it’s hot. You wanna try to come for that pig? If it decides to come after you, keep in mind they can run 11 miles an hour, which means it clocks a mile in just under 6 minutes.


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