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“Sally sells salads…” Introducing Sally, the robot salad maker

“Soon, you’ll no longer have an excuse not to eat your greens.”

by Alexander Quebec

Making salads is cool and all, but all that work going into making a salad, plus if you screw up the combos, it might suck. One company, however, aims to make that a thing of the past.


Chowbotics of San Jose has introduced Sally, a robot capable of creating healthy, fresh salads on demand with minimal human interaction. The new device debuted earlier this month, but already people are amazed at the kinds of salads Sally can make.

Going back to my original point, we say minimal because while the machine does most of the work, a human still needs to prep the vegetables and replenish the machine since having Sally chop the vegetables, as creator Deepak Sekar says is “too complicated right now,”.  Speaking of which, the human behind it’s recipes isn’t just any human, but former Google chef Charlie Ayers, current owner of the Califa Cafe/Califa Market A Go Go in Palo Alto.

How does it work? The process starts with the customer selecting from a menu of salads she is already programmed to make. The customers then adds or takes away items from the salad (yes to chicken, no to feta cheese, etc.). Sally then dispenses up to 21 different ingredients from a system of tanks onto a bowl, while the customer watches their salad being created just for them.

You can watch a video of Sally working here

The 350lb Sally machine is pretty large and runs around $30,000 which would make it more appropriate for commercial settings at present. Chowbotics, however, is looking into making a version suitable for homes and other small spaces (or as Sekar mentions, “Sally will be going on a diet,”). Those of you who want to give it a go have a chance to try it at Mama Mia’s in Santa Clara or the H-E-B Grocery chain’s corporate HQ cafeteria in Texas. Galvanize in San Francisco currently has a unit available for those working in it’s office.

What do you guys think of this device? Would you be willing to give it a try? Let us know in the comments below

H/T – Bloomberg.com

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