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The Lunch Crowd – Fast Food French Fries

The lunch crowd weighs in on Burger’s trusty sidekick

by Alexander Quebec

French fries are the unsung heros of the fast food world. Sure, they are the Oates and the Garfunkles to the hamburgers they usually tag along with, but they can sometimes make or break the entire meal. I could go on about some of the major chains by myself, but I’d rather hear what insightful, funny, or otherwise savage responses were from my peers. So today, I created the Lunch Crowd, a group of people dedicated to letting me know everything they think about certain popular foods.

So without furter ado, here’s the Lunch Crowd on fast food french fries



In my opinion, McD’s fries are the gold standard of fast food french fries, almost everyone had something great to say about them, except for one panelist who said “McDonald’s might be the gold standard if they were toilet fries”. One panelist said she enjoys them “Especially with mayonnaise. I think to eat them the European way. No catsup for me please.”



The dad unit got involved in this one: “I’m convinced that Wingstop puts crack in their fries…That, or a dash of cinnamon and sugar…”. He is correct as part of the seasoning used by Wingstop does contain sugar. A couple of other panelists agreed. I concurred with these sentiments, as I have doused a pile of thier fries with some of their hot, melted cheese. I’ve also contemplated dumping some baked beans with the cheese, so if anyone has tried this, please let me know how it went.



What is usually the most divisive topic in fast food right now, there is a clear line between supporters and detractors of In-N-Out’s Fries. One fan said he enjoys them with some “with mayo and lemon and pepper”. Most others, however, claim to have a hatred for the soggy, weird tasting fries. As for me, I enjoy them in their “Animal Style” version. Catherina, On the other hand, doesn’t really think much of them


New York Daily News

I forgot to ask about them until a midwestern transplant reminded me that Wendy’s is a thing. I asked him if he dipped the fries into one of their Frostys (again, I just learned that it was a thing a while back), he gave me an enthusiastic “Heck yeah! Either that or [sic]i get a side if their cheese sauce and dip in that”. Another panelist said that “Wendy’s fries are my favorite right behind [sic]that McDonald’s”. Personally, I’m not a huge fan, but I wouldn’t turn them down either, although I have to admit that dipping them in a frosty isn’t a bad idea.

Burger King


The Lunch crowd was surprisingly silent on Burger Kings fries. Perhaps they’re overshadowed by McDonalds? Only one member said that they are not as good as McDonalds, but better than anyone else.s As for me, Burger Kings fries are fine, nothing major, but nothing to get excited over.

Five Guys


In what could be due to our loyalty to In-N-Out, Five Guys was not mentioned at all. I think it’s a shame because, I actually happen to love Five Guy’s french fries. I eat them dutch style, with lots of mayonnaise. The fact that they serve them overflowing in a paper bag only solidifies anyone’s status as a professional fatass to those sitting within sight of them.

Jack In The Box

Eat this

What could also be chalked up to an oversight, Jack in the box natural fries were not mentioned. However, I tend to side with the curly fries as I mentioned that for me, its curly fries or naw (and at least one member agreed). For many people, Jack In the Box continues to be the Go to place for late night drunchies after a crazy night of rachetness and drunken fun.

Other mentions

Someone mentioned the truffle fries at Alexander’s Steakhouse, which sound awfully extravagent, however, I would expect no less from them and, to be honest, they sound pretty good. Along those lines, the truffle fries at Brown Chicken, Brown Cow in Campbell came up from another member, which after having had a chance to try them, I agree. Another chain, The Habit, came up specifically for thier sweet potato fries Another member mentioned that the mom and pop, small dinner places usally make the best ones, Like Clarke’s Burgers in Mountain View.

What about you? care to sound off on your favorite/least favorite french fries? let us know in the comments below.

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    Rene Quebec
    July 13, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Dipping fries in a frosty shake was a thing way before Wendy’s had their Frostys. Back in the day at Milpitas High (1981-3), you could get a cup of fries and a thick shake for a dollar each. The big debate was whether it tasted better with vanilla, or chocolate shakes…

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