10 restaurant chains that got their start in California.


While California is home to some amazing small and independently run ventures, California also has its share of some very popular chains that are all across America. Here are 10 chains (in no particular order) that got their start in California

1. Peet’s Coffee (Berkley, CA)

Founded in Berkley, CA in the year 1969, Alfred Peet built the first Peet’s coffee in response to what he considered low quality coffee that was available on the market at the time.
Source http://www.peets.com/about-us/our-history
2. Round Table Pizza (Menlo Park, CA)
Started in 1959 in Menlo Park, CA to now over 500 locations all across the USA. The chain is known for their pizza’s named after Arthurian Legend like the King Arthur’s Supreme and Guenivere’s Garden.
Source http://www.roundtablepizza.com/rtp/about.asp
3. ToGo’s Sandwhiches (San Jose, CA)
Founded in 1971 in San Jose, CA, The original Togo’s location (which is no longer in operation) was founded nearby San Jose State University by a student of the same university. At it’s height there were over 350 locations all across the USA.
Source http://www.togos.com/West-Coast-Story.aspx
4. In-N-Out Burgers (Baldwin Park, CA)
Baldwin Park, CA in 1948 saw the very first In-N-Out drive thru restaurant built by Harry and Ester Snyder. In-N-Out now has over a few hundred locations across California, Arizona, Texas, Utah, and Nevada, with plans to open up in Oregon in the future.
Source http://shop.in-n-out.com/history.aspx
5. California Pizza Kitchen (Beverly Hills, CA)
Started by two federal prosecutors with a passion for food in 1985, Beverly Hills was home to the first California Pizza Kitchen (or CPK as it’s known colloquially). The chain is well known for one of it’s signature pizzas, the BBQ Chicken Pizza.
Source http://www.cpk.com/company/
6. The Cheesecake Factory (Los Angeles, CA)
Originally started as a manufacturing company making cheesecakes for local restaurants in the Los Angeles area, the first Cheescake Factory restaurant opened in 1978 by the son of the original founders of the actual factory.
source http://www.thecheesecakefactory.com/about-us/
7. Carl’s Jr (Los Angeles, CA)
Opened in Los Angeles in 1945, the aptly name “Carl’s Jr” comes from the fact that their original Burger stand was smaller than the original restaurant they owned, called Carl’s Drive-In BBQ
source http://www.carlsjr.com/company/story
8. Jack in the Box (San Diego, CA)
Opened in 1951, drivers to the first Jack in the Box in San Diego, CA could order burgers costing only 18 cents ($1.43 in 2015 dollars) while be watched by a giant Jack in the box clownhead on the roof.
source http://www.jackintheboxinc.com/company/history
9. Jamba Juice (San Luis Obispo, CA)
in 1990, the first Jamba Juice was opened under the name “Juice Club” in San Luis Obispo by an avid cyclist. Since they, they have over 800 coporate and franchise locaitons in the USA, Canada, The Bahamas, Mexico, The Phillipines and South Korea.
source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamba_Juice
10. Taco Bell (Downey, CA)
At only .19 cents a taco ($1.68 in 2015) Tia Taco was born in1954, which would later inspire the owner to open up what would become the first Taco Bell in Downey, CA. Taco Bell was unique at the time for being one of the few chains to encourage women to take on managerial roles.
source http://www.tacobell.com/static_files/TacoBell/StaticAssets/documents/GlenBellLegacy.pdf
What other places came out of California? Did we miss anything? let us know in the comments below.
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