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I tried Chipotle’s new salad bowls

Bowled over by new salad bowls from Chipotle

ordering the new salad bowls from CHipotle

by Alexander Quebec

During this time of year, we’re all looking for ways to take better care of ourselves for the coming year, especially with what we eat and put into our bodies. Hearing the call, earlier this past week, Chipotle released a new series of salad bowls designed with specific diets in mind. The bowls themselves were tailored to the dietary needs of 4 specific diets.

Keto – High Fat, low carb with a moderate amount of protein. These diets allow the body to use ketones from the liver as a source of energy rather than carbs. This diet was originally prescribed for children suffering from epilepsy, but this diet has also been popular with those watching thier carbs.

Paleo – A diet which consists of foods that were available to mankind during the paleolithic era. The diet consists of wild fruits and vegetables, grains and any other foods consumed before the advent of agriculture (no dairy or coffee)

Whole 30 – a 30 day diet which consists of whole (unprocess) foods and excludes sugars, grains, legumes, alcohol, soy and dairy. After the 30 days are up, the excluded foods are reintroduced slowly into the diet. Weight loss is not a focus of this weight, and no weigh ins or calorie counting is required.

High Protein – Exactly what it says, just higher amounts of protein. Oddly enough, the salad bowl for this one comes with quite a bit of rice.

Each of the salad bowls is tailored made to fit within the specifications of each dietary plan. For example, the Keto bowl features lettuce, cheese, carnitas, tomatoes and guacamole, but the rice and beans have been omitted from the bowl itself.

It just so happens that I gave that one a try the other day.

I walked into a nearby Chipotle after work to give one of these bowls a try. I settled on the Keto bowl after browsing the ingredients, and as I am watching carbs, but also want guac and cheese, I felt that it was the best compromise out of all four.

My Keto Bowl, nary a speck of recongnizable carbs anywhere on here

There’s just one thing you have to keep in mind; to order these bowls, you have to order them through the mobile app, walking into Chipotle and asking for them won’t work. This might not be an issue for most people, seeing as we’re all attached to our phones, but it does mean you may have to do a bit more work just to get what you want. Since I already had the app on my phone, it was a simple matter of just placing my order, getting my other incidentals (queso, chips and a drink) and, rather quickly, my bowl was ready within minutes of me submitting my order while I was in the store. To be fair, however, it was pretty slow to being with.

When I got the bowl, they had made it ready to go for me. While I planned on eating it there, I did have to contend with the large blob of guac that was stuck to the inside of my lid.

Since the bowls themselves are assembled by humans making arbitrary guesses as to how much of each ingredient to put in there, I found the servings of meat, cheese and guac I was given in this bowl was aligned in a good ratio to each other. The assembler also made sure to put in enough roughage in the form of romaine to give it some texture, but at the same time not to make it seem like I’m a cow chewing on cud. I did end up using some of the queso I got as a makeshift dressing, but overall, I found myself not needing as much as the spicy tomato salsa had enough heat with the well seasoned carnitas to make the bowl interesting enough.

Granted, I’d never get this excited over a chain restaurants food, however, as someone looking to make some serious changes to the way I eat (and I know I am not alone), it’s nice to know that I have options out there that are convienient and easy on the wallet (relatively speaking).

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