5 romantic spots in the Bay for V-Day (and what to do if you’re single on Valentines Day)


Dying alone isn’t your only option

by Alexander Quebec

Even though I’m single, ready to mingle and have still been waiting for my valentine for the last decade or so, I still want to know where the best places for a romantic night are, just in case someone asks me. But after not having experienced the romantic feelings of another human being for quite some time, I asked a few foodie friends of mine for some advice on where to go, and here’s what they suggested.


Plumed Horse – Saratoga
With a superb menu, excellent ambience and a Instagram worthy wine cellar, the Plumed Horse in Saratoga is great for dates or other special occasions. A few friends of mine have already gone for engagements and birthdays too, and have even taken a pic in the famous wine cellar.

Lazy Bear – San Francisco

If you’re willing to forgo the solitude of a private table for the experience of dining with others lucky enough to have found a date, then this is the place for you. Your group will experience the starters upstairs, then make your way down to the first floor for the main course.

La Fondue -Saratoga

Let’s be real, melted chocolate and cheese is a more sensual culinary experience than most. It’s the one Prince song on a romantic mixtape meant for your sweetheart. Along with your melted chocolate and cheese comes the option to heat up some meat to your preference, similar to Korean BBQ places like Gen.

Manresa -Los Gatos

One of Norcal’s leading Michelin star restaurants helmed by David Kinch, Manresa offers fine farm to table dining, which is pretty popular around these parts. Don’t get it mixed up with Manresa Bread, which is a bakery owned by the same people, but hey, Carbs = Love (and the bread is delicious I might add).

The Grandview -San Jose

East Side San Jose may not conjure up an ideal romantic spot, but up on the hills is a spot that’s known not only for one of the best views of the area, but also a great date spot too. Another interesting fact? Their menu contains ingredients that come from their own garden.

Now, some of you might already have an S/O, and that’s wonderful. I wish you both a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

What if you don’t have a date? Then take yourself out silly. As someone who has dined solo for a very long time, I can tell you that in an age where Disney movies, greeting cards and chocolate set the standard on what love is; self love is an act of defiance, especially on a day like Valentine’s Day. Solo dining can do wonders for your dining experience, you get to meet others, you get to enjoy what you want to enjoy and of course, the total disconnect to be truly alone with yourself is a gift in this age where everyone is connected to each other. As a parting gift, I’m going to leave you with some advice from mama Ru herself.

And I’m sure all of these places, and many more, wouldn’t mind having you over for dinner.

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