52 Weeks of Tacos: Koja Kitchen in San Jose

The Place

Koja Kitchen, which started as a food truck and eventually became a multi-store chain with locations all over the Bay Area, is where the CaliPlate crew has decided to go this week on “52 Weeks of Tacos”. In 2011, the KoJa truck rolled on the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area, their popular Koja Burgers, bringing unto the world their famous Japanese-Korean fusion style BBQ meat sandwiched between a bun made of fried Garlic Rice. Today, the chain enjoys success through it’s restaurants and the original food truck, as featured on The Food Network’s TV show “Diners, Drive ins and Dives”.

The Goods

While they are known for their burgers, their tacos are definitely worth trying as well. Since we’re all about tacos in this feature, let’s get straight to the point and feature two of my favorite ones; the beef taco and the pork taco.

The beef taco (left) tastes a lot like their signature beef, Korean style BBQ beef, it kind of reminds me of Kalbi short ribs with a tangy “Japanese” mayonnaise to compliment with it the savory BBQ meat.


The pork taco (right) is braised with a miso coconut sauce which puts it a bit on the sweeter side, but damn it’s juicy! It’s really easy to mess up pork and chicken; however, these guys have done it right. The crispy fried onions sealed the deal for me, as well as the tiny bits of masago all over the tacos.

(Writers note:  I ended up tapping out on the chicken taco. I will update the article with an update on it soon, in the meantime, just enjoy the pictures



The Details

Koja Kitchen has locations all throughout the Bay Area in Berkeley, Emeryville, San Mateo, San Francisco, San Jose, and their newest location in Fresno. You can either dine in, carry out or go through their website and make an order for delivery at select locations.

Follow the truck around on twitter for their locations.

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