52 Weeks of Tacos – Luna Mexican Kitchen

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by Alexander Quebec

So far, many of the places we’ve checked out have been taco trucks and casual dining places. This time, I wanted to check out a place that was a bit more upscale than what we’ve seen before. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the other places we’ve tried in the past, there are occasions that call for an experience that’s a cut above the rest.

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The newly opened Luna Mexican Kitchen is situated along the Alameda in San Jose. Located between the hustle and bustle of Downtown San Jose and the glitz and glamour of nearby Santana Row, Luna is a place that attempts to fit in with the neighborhood, adding a bit of Mexican charm to a neighborhood that resembles Palo Alto rather than San Jose.

I went one afternoon, right about the time most restaurants lunch rushes are about to taper off. This place, however, still had a bit of a rush, a good sign that people were curious and interested. Patrons have the option to eat inside the dining room or outside on the patio, and with that day’s wonderful weather I wouldn’t blame them for doing so. I was seated in the dining room, right next to a stove top where the freshly made tortillas were prepared (more on that later).

I ordered an appetizer, The Tacos Dorados De Papa. While I was expecting the taco styles I had come to love, instead, I received something that resembled something that looked more like a flauta than a taco.

Still, they were delicious. As carbs are my best friend, I loved the savory potato filling with the crispy, fried shell. These were a perfect start to my meal.

There were two kinds of tacos on the menu, the fish and the pork. I love testing the skills of the kitchen, so with that in mind, I went with the Beer Battered Cod Tacos.

With regards to the flavor, the fish itself didn’t have much in the way of seasoning, but as far as frying goes, the tacos were skillfully fried and minimally soggy. As someone used to the fried fish found in many a fish and chips or chain seafood place, this might have killed the experience for me, until one finally experiences the spicy morita salsa combined with the creamy avocado. All three items, while of good quality, enhance the flavor of one another.

As someone who grew up eating freshly made tortillas, I have to give them props for it. Not many places will spend the time and energy to make their own tortillas, but once you tried homemade ones, the flavor and texture is just an ephemeral experience that compels you to relive it all over again. Not only do they make them on-site, but they even have someone hand-making them in the dining room, giving them out to guests while they are dining.

With great food, a friendly and eager staff and an atmosphere that is the best parts of contemporary and cozy, Luna Mexican Kitchen is a great place for afternoon dates and business lunches over tacos and other freshly prepared Mexican cuisine. While time will tell if this new place will make the cut of Mexican restaurants in the South Bay, I can say that I plan on coming back for more.


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