52 Weeks of Tacos: Mogo’s


Continuing the search for epic tacos all over California.

by Alexander Quebec

The Place

As natives of the Bay Area, we’re used to seeing the kinds of fusion of the foods of different cultures that compliment each other perfectly. Tacos offer the perfect opportunity to explore the fusions of two cultures, as we’ve already talked about in another article about Koja Kitchen.

Today, I wanted to talk about another Bay Area institution that bridges the gap between cuisines of two different cultures: Mogo Korean BBQ Truck

Mogo BBQ Truck

Mogo’s is a relatively recent Bay Area tradition (an oxymoron of sorts, but keep in mind that Silicon Valley moves at a much faster pace), but in case you haven’t had a chance to experience it, Mogo’s is one of the major names in the Bay Area food truck circuit. One of the original food trucks born in the Bay Area, they boast a loyal following on social media and rely solely on word of mouth.

“A Korean-Mexican fusion concept where the Mexican burrito/taco/quesadilla meets the Korean Short-rib/spicy pork/kimchi fried rice” according to their website. Mogo’s is a fusion of different flavors and ingredients derived from two very distinct ethnic communities. While the original source material might be separated by geography, they are blended together through their various entrees: tacos, burritos, rice bowls, sliders and even hot dogs are all given a unique interpretation based on this fusion of two cuisines.

The goods

Now, let’s get down to business. Mogos offers Mexican style street tacos in their chicken, pork, short rib and tofu meats. I decided to give both the pork and chicken meats a try since I’ve never tried them in taco form before.

Now, I have to be honest; the pork taco, from the experience I had on my visit, was a bit of a challenge for me. While the signature Korean BBQ flavor was there, the issue I had was with the texture of the pork; it was a bit tough to chew, which made an otherwise awesome idea fall flat for me. I didn’t enjoy the pork taco as much as I thought I would.

The chicken taco, however, was worlds apart in terms of the flavor and texture. The chicken meat had retained that wonderful tangy flavor very well and was moist and juicy (I have a problem with that word too, moist). I added some of their creamy mayo sauce (one of their signature sauces that tastes like it goes with everything), although the tacos themselves aren’t too spicy, the creamy sauce is a wonderful accompaniment to many of their entrees.

While not necessarily tacos themselves, I can personally vouch for their burritos and quesadillas, and be sure to give their short rib meat a try on your visit.

Overall, with the warmer summer months coming up and the days getting longer, food trucks will be on a roll through various festivals and meet-ups all over California. You can certainly expect to see Mogo’s around your neighborhood, and if you’ve never tried it before, then make sure to give Mogos a gogo.

The details

The Mogo BBQ truck rolls around at different places at different times throughout the Bay Area. You can find out where they will be today by following their twitter feed.

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