A good start: 7 lucky New Years Foods


Different cultures around the world have different customs when it comes to the New Years, food of course being a major part for many. What you eat during those auspicious days during the New Year’s holiday can set the pace for the rest of the year, but what should you be eating for the new years? Here are seven popular items to have on your New Year’s spread.



Fish is a popular dish for New Year’s celebrations, partly due to scales resembling coins, as well as a prohibition on meat for traditional Catholics during celebrations falling on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as holy days. Cod is one of the most popular fishes to consume during the celebration.

Pasta and Noodles


Cultures with noodles eat them to ensure a long, healthy life. The grains used to make them also ensure abundance and prosperity. One example, from Japan, is called Toshikoshi Soba, which is a popular dish to consume during the New Year’s celebration.



Cakes, especially ringed or round cakes, are popular items to make and give for the new years. Italy has chiacchiere, which are balls of pasta dough fried and covered in honey and sugar. Mexico too has a cake called Rosca de Reyes, which is a cake baked with fruits and candy, as well as a figurine of baby Jesus. The  person who finds it will be responsible for providing food for an upcoming celebration.



Greens are popular simply for their similar appearance to money. In the American South, Collard greens are already a popular food. It’s said that the more you eat, the more prosperous you will be in the new year.



Many differenr kinds of fruits are popular, but grapes are especially popular. In some Latin American countries, swallowing 12 grapes, one for each month, on the final countdown before the count of 12 will ensure a plentiful new years.



Pork dishes are popular due to the pig’s symbolization of progress, a pig will push forward and stand its ground before moving forward. Pork Sausages, roast suckling pig, and even pork feet are popular in the US and all over.



Cultures around the world revere beans for their similar appearance to coins when they swell up. The Italians eat a bean and pork soup called cotechino con lenticchie, while the Germans have a dish similar with either peas or lentils with pork. The Japanese also consume kuro-mame during the new years holiday. We can’t, of course, forget Hoppin John, a popular dish made with Black Eyed peas, a popular food in the American South.

Are there any more that we missed? Do you have a favorite food you like to eat for the New Years? Share in the comments below.

The team at Caliplate would like to wish you all a safe and prosperous 2016. Happy New Years!



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