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A new cafe in LA…for Dogs

A place for your chance to spend a (literal) dog day afternoon.

by Alexander Quebec

If this has ever sounded like a good idea to you.

We have some awesome news for you.

Sarah Wolfgang, owner and operator of the Dog Cafe in Los Angeles, will be hosting dogs from local shelters, such as the South LA Animal Shelter, who have been cleared for human interaction and adoption. The plan is to connect dogs to potential owners (or hoo-mans as the animals might refer them to) as well as other dog lovers in a relaxed and playful setting, the actual cafe, where coffee based beverages as well as tea and lemonade will be made in a space adjacent to the site due to health and safety reasons. While the concept of an animal focused cafe isn’t new, this is the first place of it’s kind here in the USA.

Officially, the cafe has opened to the public, but will be hosting a grand opening April 7th. Reservations can be made online on their website for 55 min session with the dogs and will run about $10 and come with a complimentary beverage. While there will be a few walk-in spots, it’s recommended that you make space ahead of time.

Check out The Dog Cafe’s website for more information. Check out their Facebook page for even more info

H/T Eater LA

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