“Animals on Parade” 7 Animal cracker recipes for Animal Cracker Day

One of your childhood favorites gets a few upgrades

by Alexander Quebec

Animal crackers are a staple of many childhoods in America. Lots of people remember at least getting a box of the sweet treats from the store as a kid, but if you didn’t, relax, you can still enjoy them as an adult (believe me, I do sometimes). I wanted to take a look at the cookies themselves and see what else I could do with them beside eat them plain.

You can make your own Animal crackers at home with this recipe


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You can make one of the best pie crusts with animal crackers. Here’s the science behind it and here’s the recipe to go with it (as part of a delicious Key Lime Pie bar recipe).

If you’re wanting some stick to your mouth, sweet goodness, these 7 layer cookie bars are a good way to go.

If you’re a fan of the Mother’s brand frosted animal crackers, you’ll love this milkshake

If easy sweets are more you’re thing, these no bake mocha cheesecakes might be a good way to go, especially in the coming summer months when heat is a no go

How about something savory to counter the sweetness (although, to be honest, you can never have enough sweet stuff) Chicken with animal cracker mole sauce.

Raw cookie dough is the downfall of many a person. Why not submit to the sweet and doughy goodness of circus animal cookie dough truffle bars?

And there you have it folks, a parade of the best recipes for using up animal crackers for today. What did you guys think? Do you have any other recipes we should use? Let us know in the comments below.

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