52 Weeks of Tacos: La Chingada Taqueria


The best f******g tacos of your life?

By Alexander Quebec

The Place

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” goes the saying. We can also say the same of Taquerias and Taco carts all over. Tacos generally follow the same concept throughout the world, but it’s the little things that can make a taco place stand out, sometimes the owner makes their sauce this way or that way, sometimes it’s the meat, or the tortillas or whatever.

For today’s feature, however, it really is the name.

No, really, that’s the name of the place.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with Spanish, Chingada is usually used as swear word (you can google it yourself, this is a family website)

On an article from SanJose.com, the name of the place was actually inspired by a town in Mexico…or so the owner claims (possibly with a smirk among his face, but I do salute the man for his deft branding abilities)

I looked it up, it really is a real place

If you speak and understand Spanish, we should really be writing it out like this “La C******a Taqueria”, assuming of course, you are sensitive to that sort of thing.

In any case, let’s get down to business

The Goods

Seriously though, this place is more than just the name.

I’ve actually had a bit of a difficult time finding Buche tacos near my house. It appears that I am in luck as this place had them on the menu.

Buche tacos

I was not disappointed at all, they were great; juicy, fatty with a bit of meat. I had this feeling I shouldn’t be eating them (I’m guessing that was the ol’ blood pressure talking, but you know, whatever).

On a second visit, I tried their carnitas plate; basically just rice, beans and a stack of carnitas. I have to say that the carnitas were like playing the lottery for me; sometimes I got a nice, juicy bunch of meat, and other times, it was a bit dry. Overall however, if you’re more into the DIY taco scene, this is a great plate to consider as it does come with a side of tortillas.

On the spectrum of the kind of venues we’ve seen so far (from hipster high end to hole in the wall in the middle of the city), this homey little place in the east side of San Jose is an awesome place to get some take out Mexican food for a weekday night at home with you, your date and some Netflix…or just you and some Netflix for those “forever alone” types out there.

Oh…while I didn’t get a picture, You need to load up on their tortilla chips. Trust me on this one

The details
La Chingada Taqueria is located on the corner of Piedmont and Sierra roads in San Jose. They can be reached at (669) 284-3935.

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