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California legislature wasting no time on food waste

Taking on one of the leading causes of food waste in America

by Alexander Quebec

Food waste is a huge problem in America, so much so that we lose over $165 billion dollars of food every year. Most of it ends up in landfills, also creating environmental concerns.

One state congressman aims to combat this trend



State Assemblymen David Chiu (D – San Francisco) (Pictured above)  has proposed AB 2725, which changes the ways manufactures display expiration dates on foods. Currently, food expiration dates are not federally mandated, with many manufacturers using “best by”, “Freshest by” or other language in a similar wording

As a result of the different labeling practices, many Americans, Californians included, dispose of food that might still be considered safe to eat.

Chiu’s legislation would require all food manufacturers to label their products “Best if used by” on most foods and “expires on” for foods that are highly perishable. Infant formula, which is federally mandated to have dates indicating when the nutrient value would be diminished, would be excluded from this legislation.

The California Department of Public Health would be the body responsible for determining which items would make the list of “expires on” labeled food, which is expected to be a short list by most experts. Many experts also claim that pathogens such as salmonella and E.Coli, rather than aging food, are responsible for most food poisoning incidents in America.

If passed, California would be the first state in the union to have written such a law, although Chellie Pingree (D – Maine) has been working to get similar legislation passed nationwide in Congress

John Oliver on Last Week Tonight did a segment on his show about food waste in America, check it out in the video below.

H/T SFgate.com

Cover photo credit: Webmd.com

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