Catching up with TeaLyfe – 2 year anniversary

Dishing over drinks the success that is TeaLyfe

by Alexander Quebec

Recently, we had a chance to catch up with Candy Bui of  TeaLyfe, a place we originally posted as one of our featured places. We sat down with her to catch up and find out what makes TeaLyfe so successful during their 2 year anniversary celebration, a video of below for you to check out.

Alex Quebec: It’s been about a year since we did a video with you. Now it’s [TeaLyfe] been in business for two years. It’s amazing because not a lot of businesses usually last that long and to hit that two-year mark is even more impressive. What do you think has contributed to TeaLyfe’s success?

Candy Bui: Our staff, we have a great team. It does take a lot of work building a good family and for us they’re more like family and that’s how we see them. A lot of them that are still here, they are the originals that started with us when we first opened. So for me that’s a good accomplishment, and it says a lot about a place when the original workers are still here. I think they’re the faces of TeaLyfe because they’re the ones who are in here day in and day out, [also] Our great customer service and of course the quality of the drinks, We’ve never changed the ingredients because they became more costly. We want to keep quality over quantity and we have been consistent with that.

AQ: How did you guys end up here [in your current location]? Did you guys kinda just put yourselves here and then found your place? Or was this where you wanted to be?

CB: From the beginning we knew this is where we wanted to be. We’re very specific. I drove around Vietnam Town and it almost felt like a calling. From there then I customized the menu for the area and of course being Mexican I wanted to bring in that culture. Our house is very diverse already, my husband is Vietnamese and was born in Vietnam and I in Mexico, so bringing both of those in here in addition to being raised in East Side San Jose where you see a lot of Mexican and Vietnamese food in one area so bringing that into Vietnam Town was very important for us.

AQ: I love your horchata. What’s in store for the future?

CB: We’ve kind of talked about the future and what’s in store. We get asked “Are you going to open a second one? When’s the second one coming? Will you open in Fremont? East Bay? More North? More South?” I like to take it one step at a time and I want to build a successful store here that can maintain itself without me here.

AQ: So you want something that operates without you or your care?

CB: Yes. I am very hands on. I just had a baby so it’s probably going to take some time before opening up a second store. When I do open something else, of course culture is always in mind as far as location…[F]or the future of TeaLyfe, we are known for tea but we are expanding into coffee again. We’ve trained of course and we have the machine. I know its very small and not very grand but we have something for coffee now.

Celebrate TeaLyfe’s two year anniversary with some great drinks and snacks! Need directions? We got you covered with the link below

Were you at the celebration? Have you never been? What’s your favorite drink? Let us know in the comments below.

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