Cheap Eat$ – Sea Link Cafe #2, Aniki’s Express, and Sno Modern Shavery


Where to get the most for the least

by Alexander Quebec

Living in the Bay Area is expensive, so much so that San Jose has been named the most expensive housing market in America. Even if you do land a (relatively) affordable place, most of your paycheck goes to keeping a roof over your head.

We set out to find some of the newest, the best, and the cheapest places to eat around your neighborhood. While we are throwing the word “cheap” out there, we aren’t referring to the quality, but rather the affordability aspect of the word as we do our due diligence to make sure these places are as legit as possible. We want to make this a bi-weekly feature so if you like this, please let us know what you guys think.

South Bay

Sea Link Cafe #2 – Milpitas

With another successful location already up and running in Redwood City, Sea Link Cafe 2 is a nice, cozy spot for a warm cup of Cuban coffee or a light, yet filling sandwich. Your best bet is Torta Cubana (pictured) made with juicy ham and turkey, melted manchego cheese all between a soft and warm ciabatta bun.



East Bay

Aniki’s Express – Newark

A spin-off from the successful Aniki’s restaurant in Fremont, the express version offers the wildly popular poke as well as a few wraps to go along with them. There are also sake and beer options available too, all served in a trendy, modern spot in the newly renovated NewPark Mall. The classic tuna (pictured) is one of your best bets. If you like it spicy get the orange sauce, just make sure you go easy on it unless you like to breath fire.

Sno Modern Shavery – Newark

Downstairs from Aniki’s is another little gem hidden within the mall, Sno Modern Shavery. A bit off-beat compared to most shavery places, the flavors were inspired by one of the owner’s relatives, an experienced chef coming from a popular eatery in wine country. What makes this shaved ice special though is the use of coconut milk, a welcome ingredient to those who suffer from dreaded lactose intolerance. Try the cookies and cream (pictured) flavor or the Horchata flavor while you’re there.




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