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“China Live goes Live” – China Live opens today

Chinatown’s about to get bigger

by Alexander Quebec

Food halls are enjoying have become popular destinations for foodies all across America, such as Mario Batalli’s Eataly, Anaheim’s Packing House and our very own San Pedro Square. But today marks the opening of a new food hall in San Francisco’s Chinatown.


China Live, the brainchild of George Chen, an accomplished entrepreneur and restaurateur with decades of experience, along with his partner Cindy Wong-Chen, opens after 3 years of development and construction. Costing over $20 Million dollars and employing over 90 people and at over 30,000 sq feet. Offering a variety of restaurants and eateries and retail, all with a cultural focus rooted in the cultures of China and Taiwan, China Live aims to become one of the newest hot spots in the city with tourists and locals alike.

China Live’s first floor features a flower market, featuring flowers from Frank Lo, upon entering the building. The Oolong Cafe , with cups of tea sourced straight from Taiwan ranging from $2 bucks all the way up to $5. Keep walking and you will come across a Chinese market-restaurant serving all sorts of dim sum and other epicurean delights and a retail shop containing carefully curated, hard to find items for sale.


The Oolong Cafe – SF Eater


The second floor with feature Chinese fine dining in Chen’s 8 Tables restaurant, as well as craft cocktail bar and a private lounge called The Gold Mountain Lounge (the nickname many Chinese immigrants gave the city of San Francisco)

It would appear that the first two floors are only the beginning to this ambitious project, as a 3rd and 4th floor are scheduled to open up in the spring (barring any delays of course).

Curious? They open today (March 1st) for dinner service at 5 PM. Check it out and be sure to share your experience with us in the comments below.

H/T – Eater SF and the China Live website

Cover photo credit: SF Eater

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