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Christma-Terials #11: Hot Buttered Rum

The drink to get you all hot and buttered

by Alexander Quebec

Hot buttered rum is a holiday tradition for many. But here in California, you may not see or hear about it as much (perhaps due to our amazing holiday season weather?). If the piques your curiosity, read on and learn more.


Rum became a popular spirit after the British successfully invaded Jamaica in 1655. Accorinding to our friends at Smugglers Cove; the by-product of sugar production, molasses, was considered worthless and simply discarded, until someone with knowledge of distillation was able to create the spirit. Soon, the British Navy supplied every sailor with a ration of rum for both health and morale purposes. Flash forward to the American Colonies, where rum was imported in from the Caribbean. The colonists at the time would then mix the rum with spices and butter, thus creating the drink we have today.

Today, the drink is made by making a batter of sorts, which is then mixed with boiling water and rum to the desired temperature.

How to make it.

Check out this video from Liquor.com to see how to make your very own Hot Buttered Rum

Gonna give this a try? Let us know how it works out in the comments below!

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