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Christma-Terials #12: Hot Toddy’s

An apple toddy a day…

by Alexander Quebec

Like the word Sandwhich, some of us have a preconceived idea of what a Toddy might be, a drink made from spirtis and spices (in case you’ve never heard of the word). Like the word Sandwhich, the word is actually reflects a class of beverages rather than one single drink, as there are various kinds of Toddy’s made with different spices, spirits and other ingredients. If you’re curious to learn more, read more below.


The name Toddy originally comes from Northern Indian word taadi, which is a drink made with the fermented sap of palm trees that is quite popular throughout the tropical countries of the world. The Toddy’s we’re referring to, however, are traditionally made with some sort of spirit, like brandy or whiskey, and mixed with honey and sugar as well as a different mixture of spices. Toddy’s are also not one specific drink,

In addition to being a popular beverage for the holidays, toddys are sometimes made for those fighting a cold or flu or simply when the weather is cold and wet. Toddy’s are also popular as a nightcap before heading to bed for the night.

How to make it.
Once again, we’re going to leave it to our friends at Liquor.com to show us how to make a variation of a Hot Toddy. There are many more out there, but this is a great way to give it a try.

Going to give this a try? Let us know your reactions in the comments below.

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