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Christma-terials #4: Christmas Cookies

Cookies and more cookies galore!

by Alexander Quebec

You probably left out milk and cookies for santa when you were little. Santa is a busy man and needs the carbs to keep going on his worldwide journey delivering presents to all the kids out there on Christmas Eve. Even if you didn’t, you probably knew kids who did, and when they woke up, discovered loads of gifts under the tree.

It wasn’t always cookies left for Santa, however. Originally, Odin and his steed Sleipner traveled the night sky during Yule, things such as hay, carrots and other animal friendly treats were left behind for Sleipner, which became Santa’s reindeer over time (or horses still in some traditions) for them to munch on while they made the worldwide trek delivering presents to the children of the world.

So what kind of cookies might be waiting for Santa at your place?

There’s the classic sugar cookie.


In Puerto Rico and the Carribean, there are the Besitos de Coco


In Argentina and South America, Alfajores might be what awaits Santa

Confessions of a chocoholic

Norweigan traiditon calls for Krumkake cookies; a thin, crunchy cookie often eaten plain or filled with whipped cream or other sweet fillings.



The Swedish kids enjoy Peppar kakor cookies during Christmas

Swedish Experiences

Italians might enjoy Strufoli, little balls of dough sweetened with honey

Tania Matiello via getty images

In France, there are many cookies to choose from, the but the quintessential ones should include Palmiers



Martha Stewart

And Madeleines, although technically they aren’t considered cookies, but rather really small cakes.


The English seem to enjoy Stained Glass Cookies. They are surprisingly easy to make (or so I’m told)

The New York Post

And finally, we end with Polvorones, also known as Mexican Wedding Cookies this side of the Border, another another popular holiday treat.

Food Network


So what about you guys? Any favorite Holiday cookies? Let us know in the comments below


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