Cupcake action – Kara’s Vs. Sprinkles


Two California Originals, which one has the best cupcakes? We take a quick look and review some of their best below.

by Alexander Quebec


Oxbow Public Market

Founded in San Francisco by Kara Haspel Lind, a former advertising executive and home baker. Growing up, she loved baking her sweets, but was discouraged from eating them since she was the daughter of a dentist. In spite of this upbringing, she became the owner of her own cupcake shop, which is now 8 locations across the SF Bay Area and Monterey Bay. All of the ingredients in their baked goods are sourced locally and their shops maintain strict environmental standards to minimize their impact on the environment.


Camels & Chocolate

With over 31 locations across the world, Candace Nelson opened up this cupcake capital opened up its first cupcake shop in Beverly Hills in 2005, which attracted the attention of fans, both famous and otherwise. Sprinkles also launched the first Cupcake ATM in 2012, dispensing delicious cupcakes for all to enjoy any time of the day. You can see her on TV on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and Sugar Rush.

Full disclosure: it’s been a while since I’ve had either, this is going based on my recollection of the flavors I’ve tried in the past.

My favorite flavor of each one

Sprinkles – Red Velvet/Black and White (Tie)

Sprinkles Cupcakes

There are so many ways a Red Velvet Cupcake can get messed up: what really bothers me the most is when the baker tries to make it so decadent, it actually gives you sensory overload. What I love about their red velvet is that it actually restrains itself from getting to that territory. However, the simplicity of the Black and White is another plus for me; I love a good chocolate cupcake paired with the simplicity of the white frosting on top.

Kara’s – fleur de sel

Food Gal

Lots of places are afraid of salt, but not this place. I love that their fleur de sel (its the one with the sea salt on it on the lower left hand corner of the picture) has some of the sharpest tasting salt paired with some of the silkiest caramel ever. Granted, these are smaller than sprinkles, but trust me, it’s all you’ll need to eat. The cake is pretty moist and the frosting is so shiny, I feel like a house cat that just wants to bat at it the entire time.

So, which one is your fave? Comment below, we wanna hear what you think.

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