Eat your way Lucky – Foods for a good new year.


What to eat when you don’t want the year to suck

by Alexander Quebec

Every New Years Eve, the same traditions of Balloon Drop, Champagne and drunken debauchery take place every new years, well, in America anyways. While we all know of a few traditions and tokens to have when the clock strikes midnight, what about what goes on our plate? We’re here to make sure that the next year doesn’t suck, so here’s our list of food items that are lucky for various reasons, all compiled from spending too much time on the internet.


Black Eyed Peas (American South) 

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Among the many food based traditions from the South, eating Black Eyed Peas, along with collard greens and cornbread, are supposed to bring the diner good luck and prosperity in the coming year. Black Eyed Peas represent coins, while greens represent cash and cornbread gold.

Grapes (Spain)

In Spain and the Spanish speaking world, eating 12 grapes in sync with the clock bells at midnight is supposed to bring good luck to those able to eat that many grapes in a short amount of time. Sources say its a lot harder than it looks.

Pork (Various)

Germans considered pigs to be a sign of good luck, and the more you had, the less likely you’d have to suffer from starvation. The Chinese zodiac also considered pigs (or boars) to be lucky omens, and as a matter of fact, 2019 is the Year of the Pig.


Fish (Various)

Fish in many cultures represent prosperity and abundance, as well as moving forward (because since when have you seen a fish go backwards?). The Europeans will eat fish like cod and herring, while in Asian, fish are eaten during the Lunar New Year. The scales, while not typically consumed, also represent coins


Noodles (Asia) 

In East Asian cultures, noodles are consumed during New Year’s Celebrations to ensure a long and healthy life for the diner. In Japan, diners attempt to slurp down an entire noodle without breaking it in the middle to ensure a long and healthy life


Lentils (Europe)

Coin shaped Lentils have been consumed as far back as the Roman Empire, they are a good luck charm in Brazil and in Italy.

Doughnuts (Europe)

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Deep fried balls of dough are popular throughout Europe for the coming year. In the Netherlands, they were a ward against against vengeful gods looking for a bite to eat. Ring shaped foods like doughnuts are also supposed bring a close to an otherwise interesting year. Doughnuts or bagels for breakfast anyone?

Pomegranates (Greece) 


In Greece, Pomegranates symbolize life, fertility and abundance. Each year, people all over Greece will throw Pomegranates on the floor, releasing and spilling thier seeds everywhere.

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