“Far off future” – How we thought we’d eat tomorrow…Today!


A look at the way we might be eating tomorrow.

by Alexander Quebec

Science plays a huge part behind what we eat; agriculture, biology, chemistry and even nutrition play a big part in determining what and how we eat. Looking into the future, however, some of us often wonder what kinds of things will come out in the future to enhance and improve the way we eat.

“Foodini” 3D Food Printer (mashable.com)

Taking a look at Science fiction, we often find that contemporary issues today influence what’s shown on the screen. For example, the replicator technology on Star Trek shows us a device that can make a seemingly infinite amount of foods and beverages at the command of the user. Possibly inspired by the device, 3D printers have been developed that can produce food, but at this time, their uses and capabilities seem to be limited to making the food rather than making and cooking it too. This utopian prediction can be counterbalanced by the movie Soylent Green, where, in order to feed a large population as efficiently as possible, a food company in the film releases a tasty wafer the film is named after, made with a special, secret ingredient .

comedy central

And sometimes, the ideas can be absurd, like Futrama’s Bachelor Chow, which Phillip J. Fry eats much to the annoyance of his fellow coworkers.

To celebrate National Soylent Green Day, and the future of food via Science Fiction CaliPlate has an info graphic showing some of the foods from some of the most popular sci-fi movies and TV shows ever. caliplate_soylent_green (1)

So, what do you think the future holds for food? Let us know in the comments below.

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