First Impressions: Noodle Dude (San Jose, CA)

Photo by Les M.

Phot by Les M.

Summer often times means eating foods to cool you down against the sweltering heat. But every so often, especially for those of us living in the South Bay, the hunger for something warm, like soup, kicks in and nothing else will do. For around $10, I was able to get a custom made bowl of piping hot noodle soup that was quickly prepared, satisfying and delicious.

If you’re looking for an authentic ramen noodle or pho place, this isn’t it. Instead, what you get is a custom ordered bowl of noodles made for your own enjoyment. They did incorporate some elements of different kinds of restaurants, the ingredients are typical ramen and pho fare, while the ordering system is similar to what you’d find at Chipotle. The restaurant itself was very clean and simply furnished, but with enough chairs to hold a sizable crowd during the lunch and dinner rushes.


My order comprised of traditional ramen noodles with Filet Mignon, boiled egg, bean sprouts, green onions and a tonkatsu broth of half chicken and half pork. I enjoyed the broth’s flavor and the combination of the two flavors of tonkatsu broth was amazing; as a matter of fact, I started slurping the broth even before I ate the ingredients. For me, I had a wonderful bowl of noodles that hit the spot. The manager on duty at the time gave the the short history of the business: it was started by a woman, who I later found out was the one who took my order and pretty much prepared everything for the customer along with her assistant.

On a second visit the following week, a friend of mine and I went there to see what their lunch crowd looked like. It was a lot busier than before, but still there was enough seating for everyone. I ordered the same thing as last time and again, everything was delicious and filling.

With quickly made, inexpensive, delicious bowls of noodles made to the customer’s order, Noodle Dude does not disappoint. Check them out the next time your in Downtown San Jose.

The Deets

Noodle Dude ($)
505 E. Santa Clara St
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 342-6171

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