First Impressions: The Flipside (San Jose, CA)


Burgers are one of the quintessential comfort foods here in America. Starting from humble origins, they have risen to the ranks of haute cuisine as there are some places that charge over a grand for some plates. As far as burgers go, there are a lot of options out there, from the big chains to smaller operations manned only by a few people. I checked out The Flipside one night to get a feel for a new place.


The restaurant itself is located in a communal setting with other restaurants specializing in other items. As far as dining goes, the place seemed very warm and welcoming, as many of the restarants shared seating arrangements. This is the kind of place you take your friends or even a casual date to on a warm summer night. Thursday nights crowd was pretty light, but I could tell that there was interest in the place from locals.


Flipside first meal

I ordered the Black and Blue burger: a patty seasoned with black pepper and blue cheese. My burger itself was a little messy after I took my first bite, but overall the spicy pepper and the creamy blue cheese complemented each other very well. The meat, which the restaurant promotes sourcing it from humane farms, was seasoned well and was perfectly juicy and moist. I also ordered a side of fries, which, were perfect in consistency and texture, but fell short on the seasoning. Fries aside though, I’d say that for my first visit, it was well done.


I went for a second visit at lunchtime a few days later and ordered the Southwest burger, featuring a corn and jalapeno salsa and chipotle aioli sauce. Again, the burger was delicious and juicy and the aioli, combined with the jalapenos, gave the burger a nice heat to it that was eye opening but not searing. I enjoyed this burger as well, but if I had to pick between the two that I had, the Black and Blue would be the clear winner.

If you find yourself in downtown San Jose and want a nice burger for lunch that isn’t from a fast food chain, the flipside is your best bet.

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