“Garlicky gimmick?” – Alex tries McDonalds Garlic Fries


What Alex has to say about them

By Alexander Quebec

Looking like the older guy at the clubs trying to score the hot young ladies (or dudes, whatever floats thier boats) McDonalds, as of late, has been doing everything it can to keep up with the kids, from customizing burgers, to new store formats and everything under the sun to keep up with the changing tastes and times.

By now, the word is out that McDonald’s, in the Bay area at least, has garlic fries, made with the local garlic from Gilroy. While only four locations have it, I decided to give them a shot.

What amazes me the most, however, is the attention this is getting. Mcdonalds itself isn’t too special of a place, I mean, it’s in every town across the globe and beyond. But what I think this speaks to is the attempt at a connection with the local customer that speaks to them in a genuine way. We all grew up with the Golden Arches, and I think that we all have some decent memories of times spent here, as rowdy kids with thier families, and rowdy, drunk young adults coming home from the nightlife scene…or whatever.

Doing this...for science
Doing this…for science

My Verdict

This should tell you everything you need to know
This should tell you everything you need to know

They weren’t bad, actually, they were quite good.

The flavor themselves was garlicky, but not the kick you in the ass garlicky, kinda like robust, but not in your face about it. The seasoning itself is a mix garlic, parmesean, olive oil, parsley and salt. There was a bit of sweetness to it, but nothing that stands out too much from the taste of garlic. My only suggestion would be to eat this with a fork, as it does become a messy propposition.

In the end, I can’t shake the cynical feeling that this is a marketing gimmick to drum up some business, but McDonald’s, it was a good call.

If you’ve tried them out too, let me know what you think in the comments below

Cover photo credit: McDonalds.com

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