Hidden Gem: Milpitas Bytes in Milpitas.


When a food truck takes a break from the road.

by Alexander Quebec

Corporate cafeterias in Silicon Valley range to something as simple as a mini fridge with a microwave on top all the way to the sophisticated and massive complexes on the Google Campus. Typically, your average employee comes to eat their meal, gossip and talk with friends and colleagues and then move along to complete another work day.

Hidden inside a building at an office complex in Milpitas, you wouldn’t know that the Tasty Bytes Truck team calls this place home during the off season for food trucks (which I learned from Ben, the General Manager of Milpitas Bytes Cafe, was around wintertime until early spring). In fact, on my way to the cafe, I saw the trunk parked outside in the parking lot in front of the building, like it was ready to serve some customers. Of course, the action, for this review at least, was inside the main building. Dubbed the Milpitas Bytes Cade, a business has to keep going to keep the lights on, or at least the truck ready to go until the season starts up.

It might seem unusual for a restaurant to be in a business park complex; then again, there’s a boba shop inside of a gas station, a fine dining restaurant in an old schoolhouse and even another inside a penitentiary. Sometimes, the most novel ideas prove to be the best one.

Going into the Renasis building (or through the back if you don’t want to feel weird about it), there’s nothing major to distinguish the place from just another office cafeteria, that is until you see the menu welcoming you to Milpitas Bytes cafe.

Ben mentioned to me that the pulled pork was their speciality, so I ended ordering that for lunch inside their version of the Cubano. A little excessive with the mustard aside, it turned out pretty well for a cubano; good texture on the meat, not too dry and not too juicy (a soggy sandwich isn’t that great either, unless we’re talking about a French Dip sandwich).

What I did enjoy the most was the breakfast burrito; especially since it was made with chorizo. Anyone who knows me knows that I am willing to go out of my way for bomb breakfast burritos, as they combine my love of breakfast with burritos. The burrito itself was hearty and filling, filled with eggs, cheese, a hashbrown and some homemade chorizo, which had some nice heat to it without overwhelming the senses. Some salsa added a nice kick.

I also had their in-house made meat lovers pizza, topped with pepperoni, sausage and some ham. Let me tell you, pizza is one of those rare foods that I do not discriminate on, as I feel the worst pizza is still better than no pizza at all. Crust was crispy and soft, like it was made on the spot.

If you’re down for some exploring and want to try a hidden gem somewhere off the beaten path, give the Milpitas Bytes Cafe a try today!

The Milpitas Bytes Cafe is inside the Renasis Building near MacCarthy Ranch in Milpitas. To get there, park near the building and go around the back, you’ll see a patio area where you can walk through the doors into the main dining room.

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