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“Homemade Goodness” – A new law for home cooks

Your own, home kitchen, available soon for take-out?

By Alexander Quebec

As of now, it is illegal in the state of California to sell food items made in your own home kitchen, however, State Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella) wants to change that.

Assembly Bill 626 would make it legal to sell food from your own personal kitchen as long as the necessary permits are held, the kitchen meets health and safety standards and total sales are kept under $50,000.

A sponsor of the bill is Josephine, a startup based in Oakland which enables home based cooks to share their foods with customers. Their argument is that the bill would especially benefit minority groups, especially those with limited English skills or familial care taking responsibilities who would otherwise have a difficult time finding work outside of the home.

“I think this is going to make a big splash. The implications of not having to rent a commercial kitchen on people who want to make food — that’s going to be immediately applicable to so many people, way beyond who Josephine is working with.” Charley Wang stated in an interview with Berkleyside.com.

Opponents of the bill, which include Health Officers Association of California, as well as the County Health Executive Association of California who, on their website, say that they “…are opposed to this bill with specific concerns about allowing the preparation of potentially hazardous foods in home kitchens and that inspecting home kitchens goes way beyond the scope and ability of local health departments.”

The bill is expected to be voted on in June. If it passes both houses, it will then be forwarded to the governor.

H/T Berkleyside.com and scpr.org

Cover photo courtesy of Josephine via Berkleyside.com

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