Hometown Heroes: Simply The best with The Best Sandwiches


by Alexander Quebec

Find me a man who tells a woman to make him a sandwich, and I will also show you a man who has never dated.

Around 2010ish or so, boys decided to become grating and irritating and started wearing t-shirts that said “Cool Story Babe, now make me a sandwich” because nothing asserts your masculinity better than low concept misogyny. There’s a pic of two guys wearing it that has made the rounds of the internet, and today, I bet those guys are cringing at the thought of that pic’s mere existence.


This is the shirt boys wore in the 2010’s to protect their virginity

Sandwiches are meant to be enjoyed by everyone: man, woman, non-binary, and all of the other gender expressions that exist, have existed, or will exist. And you can find a good sandwich to enjoy at today’s Hometown Hero: The Best Sandwiches.

What used to be a barrage of different businesses while I was growing up, eventually became the sandwich shop we know of today. Inside the cozy little shop, there’s a counter where you can see your sandwich being made, with a nice, makeshift patio area that has to be one of the best COVID setups I have seen so far in my small city.

So, what did I order you’re asking? Check out some of my short reviews below of three of the many sandwich styles that they have on the menu.

The Cubano – How do you enjoy a Miami specialty without visiting the place that usually wins the award for most outrageous headlines? You come here for the Cubano sandwich. Juicy, savory pork, ham, and turkey with sharp manchego, sweet apricot and spicy habanero sauce inside a freshly baked soft ciabatta bread, which may or may not trigger aficionados of the sandwich since the bread used is more of a baguette-style roll. It came with a side of pickled onions, which the original Cubanos usually feature due to the color. I lived for this sandwich.

Carnitas Torta – I’m a huge fan of carnitas and pork, so much so that I tend to make my own kalua style pork at home. A nice, salty pulled pork, paired with creamy avocado, something about that combo just makes me feel something inside (and for me, that’s a big deal).

The Caprese – Okay, so you’ll notice that this sandwich looks to be about 90% spinach leaves. It’s not so much what you see but what you don’t see that makes this the thing. Creamy mozzarella with tomatoes smothered in an epic aioli sauce is a great choice for those wanting to go meatless for a meal or two, even better on a hot summer day.

So, when you want a sandwich, and I mean a good sandwich, you can’t beat the tiny shop on Main street in Milpitas for the best sandwiches in the city. 

The Best Sandwiches is on 187 S. Main Street in Milpitas. They are open fron 8 AM to 2 PM on Mondays and 8 AM to 8:30 PM Tuesday through Sunday. Cash and card accepted. Check out their website here for more info.

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