“Peep This” – 7 Recipes for your leftover Peeps

A guide to using up Easter’s best selling, yet underappreciated candy

by Alexander Quebec

Love them or hate them (most likely the latter), you are probably swimming in peeps right now.

Your kids, or little siblings and cousins, seem to think even less of them then you probably did when you were a kid, yet, you kinda feel bad throwing them out. You could have an eating contest with them, but after the 20th or so, you’d probably yack 18 of them back up.

Isn’t there a better way to use up those boxes of peeps piled up on your kitchen counter?

CaliPlate wants to help you use up of all those Peeps in a constructive way, who doesn’t mind repurposing things for sweet treats?

  1. Rice Krispy Treats with Peeps
    Robyn Lee via Serious Eats

    Robyn Lee via Serious Eats

    This is actually a very easy way to use up all of those peeps, since all you need are butter, the peeps and the Rice Krispies. The result is a colorful (and super sweet) version of the famous breakfast cereal treats. Get the kids involved and you can have this done in no time.

  2. Peeps S’mores

    Since they are already marshmallows and you probably would have some Hersey’s (or other chocolate bars) lying around right after Easter, why not make some smore’s over a bonfire. They’re also pretty easy to make too.

  3. Peeps Dessert Peep-za

    For lovers of pizza and dessert, this recipe is sure to satisfy your cravings for both and help you use up all those peeps in the process.

  4. Peeps popcorn balls

    What’s bad for dental work is good for the soul; popcorn gets a colorful and tasty remix when using those peeps to form them into popcorn balls. These are perfect for movies and for snacking on.

  5. Peeps Fudge

    A simple, 3 ingredient recipe using peeps. Fudge is super easy to make and it’s a perfect treat, either during or post Easter.

  6. Peeps inside your hot chocolate

    Easy, just drop one (or a few) into your hot chocolate.

  7. Peeps infused Vodka

    Well, if you’re gonna be a grown up about it, might as well make a grown up drink with it. Infusing Vodka is easy, and if you’re down for sugary cocktails, why not give this a try

And so, we present to you a few suggestions on using up those peeps at home. What did you guys think? Are there any other uses for Peeps that you can think of? Let us know in the comments below.


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