“Raisin d’tere” 5 Fast Facts on Raisins


Raisins: good for health, bad for trust issues.

Today is national raisin day, and knowing most of you, many will simply look over these little things and groan. When I have a bowl of oatmeal though, these little guys make it a bit more palatable, sometimes I add them to my own version trail mix (10% raisins, 10% mixed nuts, 80% M&M’s). What you may not know though is that these guys can actually lower blood pressure if eaten three times daily, or that they super low in sodium and have no cholesterol? Learn some more facts about these little guys in our five fast facts about raisins

1. Raisins were discovered completely by accident

8146689237_f869754761A freak heatwave in 1873 dried the wine grapes on the vines in California, leading to the discovery of the sweet treat.

2. Golden raisins are made differently than other raisinsraisinsgolden

A specific variety of grapes called Sultana are treated in a sulfur dioxide compound, unlike other grapes which are dried using different methods.

3. It takes 4 tons of grapes to make 1 ton of raisins33050617c689814d6e9070dde7f223b8

A grape loses close to 80% of it’s moisture in order to become a raisin. Sun drying, shade drying and mechanical drying are the three main methods in which this occurs.

4. Dogs should not eat grapes or raisinsadoptable-size

Raisins, and by extension Grapes, can cause renal failure in dogs. The cause for this is still unknown.

5. California produces over half of the world’s raisinsfresno250% of all raisins are made in California, with the city of Fresno billing itself as “The Raisin Capitol of the world”

Learn anything new today? Anything else you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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