“Santa Snacks” – What Santa Eats on Christmas Eve


I grew up being told by my parents that Santa liked it when we left behind Budwieser and chicharrones, which looking back, probably wasn’t really Santa dropping off the Christmas gifts, but my grandpa. All around the world, however, Santa has treats left behind for him by children all over the world eagerly awaiting gifts and treats from his sleigh. Let’s take a look at what some children will be leaving behind for Santa Claus.

Australia – Beer and Carrots


Australia, a country with creatures that actually compete with humans for the top spot of apex predator, would hypothetically be Santa’s first stop on his world tour. During Christmastime, it is actually summer in Australia, so chances are Santa would find some carrots for the reindeer and some beer for some added holiday cheer. Being as Australia was founded by what was considered the “undesirables” of British Society at the time, some English Christmas traditions show up here as well, like Christmas crowns and holiday crackers.

Sweden – Coffee

The Swedes love their coffee so much, that they’re in the top 3 countries for the most coffee consumed, on that note, they’re also in the top 3 countries with the most popular global music acts(ABBA, Aviccii, The Cardigans, Ace Of Base, Robyn, need I go on?). For Santa’s Fika (which is essentially a Coffee Break in the Swedish Tradition), the kids would leave a cup of coffee for Santa. I guess after that beer from Australia, Santa might need to sober up a bit? (On that note, don’t drink and drive please).

Denmark – Risengrod

After getting bombed by the Aussies and wired by the Swedes, Santa makes a quick trip across the Baltic to Denmark, where Santa gets…rice?

Sweetened rice pudding is a treat for Santa, because carb loading is important when you’re visiting all the good children of the world all in one night. On that note, did you know that Santa would have to travel 5.08 Million miles per hour, which is roughly 27 times the speed of light just to visit the home of every child on the planet?

UK – Mince pie and Sherry

In case Santa needs another pick me up, he’ll find that in the homes of children across the UK. Kids in the UK leave out mince pies and a glass of sherry for Father Christmas. So, what are mince pies? Simply put, it’s a small pastry where small pieces of dried fruit are cooked in beef suet (the fat from the liver around the animal). If you’re going for a more traditional Christmas, complete with unfettered capitalism, rampant consumerism and severe income disparity to go along with the tune of 2020,  watch this tutorial for a Victorian take on them.

France, Argentina, The Netherlands and other countries in Europe and North America  – Hay, Vegetables and Water

In some countries, the big man gets very little, or nothing at all. Instead, it’s his reindeer that do. A common theme is water, hay and vegetables like carrots or other vegetables reindeer like to eat. To be quite fair, those do seem to be a bit plain for reindeer that can travel at supersonic speeds and not get ripped to shreds by the sheer velocity they have to move to cover the whole world in one night. Most of Europe and Central and South America have this kind of tradition.

USA – Cookies & Milk

Finally, Santa arrives in the land that gave us such classic Christmas carols such as “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” and “Christmas Shoes” (Hey, they can’t all be winners) to drop off presents for all the good boys and girls.

And with that, Santa has completed another world tour and has brought smiles to kids all over the globe and gained probably another several thousand pounds (think of all the calories all those snacks he has consumed) to keep his jolly, jiggly figure.

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