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Season’s Eatings – March 2017

All the freshest items coming to you from the farm this month

Springtime has arrived in California, and with it comes a whole new crop of fresh fruits and vegetables hitting your stores and local farmers markets. While the availability and selection may vary, here’s what you can expect to see coming to your produce section now.


Since the seed pods are on the outside, strawberries are actually considered an accessory plant and not a true berry despite the name. Watsonville has billed itself as the “Strawberry Capital of the World”. For the best berries, simply sniff and smell for that unmistakable aroma.

Green Garlic

Originally the thin green shoots of a growing plant, green garlic became so popular that farmers started planting it in season. Essentially the younger version of fully grown garlic, it has a milder taste than a fully grown clove of garlic.


While it can make your pee smell funny, asparagus is filled with vitamins, fiber, and it’s also low in sodium. The city of Stockton also bills itself as the asparagus capital of the world and holds an annual festival. Check out a video from AllRecipes if you’re curious on how to cook them at home.




The largest of the citrus fruits, pink grapefruits are the most popular of the grapefruit varieties. However, if you are on certain medications, it is actually best to avoid grapefruit altogether as there are some undesirable interactions.


Grown exclusively in California, artichokes are the bud of a thistle plant relative before it flowers. Castroville hosts a renowned artichoke festival every year. To pick artichokes, simply squeeze and listen for a squeak.

Check us out again next month when we reveal what’s coming out in April. Until next time, enjoy the harvest!

Credit: LA Times Seasonal Produce Guide.


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