Shake Shack Opens in L.A.

la-dd-shake-shack-downtown-20160113Your friends in SoCal now have one more thing they can brag about to their friends living in NorCal.

Shake Shack, the famous New York City burger joint, has opened their first California branch in West Hollywood. Starting as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, by 2004 they built their own permanent location. Serving burgers, fries, shakes and alcoholic beverages (yes, you read that correctly), they became popular with both your average Joe and celebrities alike (Tina Fey mentioned them in an interview questions about her ideal day off)

The location in SoCal will offer the same items as they do in New York, with a few local menu items added in. One of the local menu items, The Rainbow Connection, will have 5% of its sales donated to LA Pride, a local LGBT charity. The location also serves beer and wine as well, including wines made exclusively for the brand named Shack Red and Shack White.

Shake Shack Los Angeles is open from 11 AM to 11:30 PM and is located on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood

Email requests on info for a NorCal location were not returned as of this posting (Sorry NorCal fans)

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