Best Sourdough in the Bay Area


When most people think of creating a sandwich in the Bay Area they stray from the rest of the nation. Most of the nation would think that the inside of the sandwich would fulfill their taste buds. On the West Coast we think outside the bun, literally, because that’s where it started–at the bread itself. Sourdough bread is “the thing” within the Bay Area, which is why we start our sandwich options from the outside,  just like the way we think. Sourdough bread is the way we steer when driving throughout the Bay Area looking for the best options.

Boudin San Francisco Sourdough Bakery is one of the most known sourdough bread bakeries in the Bay Area. Founded in 1849, this bakery is one of the oldest sourdough bread makers in history. From making sculpted bread of animals, to making the famous Challah Bread (shown to the left), this bakery is known to bake the best tasting sourdough bread.





Credit: Serious Seats

Noe Valley Bakery

Noe Valley Bakery, located in San Francisco, is well known for their pastries and sourdough batard. Organic ingredients make them unique among the numerous other bakeries located in the Bay Area.




Credit: Serious Seats

Josey Baker Bread

Made from the famous sourdough culture in the Bay Area, Josey Baker Bread is famous for their delicious wheat loafs with a spread of your choice.





Tartine Bakery

Rated as one of the best bakeries in San Francisco, Tartine Bakery is well known for their sourdough bread. They’re located in the Mission District of San Francisco, and voted best bread by Serious




Although these are just a few well known bakeries that carry this fine loaf, San Francisco is highly regarded as the mecca of sourdough bread.  If you are ever in the Bay Area, be sure to check out these bakeries, along with Della FatoriaFirebrand Artisan Breads, and Semifreddies to taste fine artisan sourdough bread.







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