Sweet Endings: 5 Coffee and dessert pairings for Thanksgiving Day


Everyone always looks forward to dessert and coffee after a great (or not so great) meal. Of course, how the heck do you pair one with the other? Here’s a list of five common desserts for Thanksgiving Day dinner and their ideal coffee pairings.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin_pie_with_crust_detail This delicious fall classic pairs well with a slightly sweet, medium bodied coffees. Starbucks Thanksgiving blend is one coffee that would work well for all types of desserts, but it pairs especially well with pumpkin pie





Pecan Pie

Pecan_pie,_November_2010A sweet coffee with a clean finish and low acid pairs well with the rich and indulgent flavors of Pecan Pie. African or Latin American sourced coffees work well with Pecan pie. Try the Peet’s Cafe Domingo blend with your decadent slice of pie.




Sweet Potato Pie

16607609087_32079a1ba2Due mainly to it’s richness; sweet potato pie, with its sweet and spicy flavors, would pair well with full bodied and robust blend, preferably from Sumatra or Indonesia. Peet’s Sumatra or Starbucks Sumatra would pair well with this dessert.







Chocolate flavored desserts

Macro_Raspas_de_ChocolateChocolate desserts work well with a Javanese based coffee due to its robust flavor and heavier body. However, if your dining on fruit covered chocolate, a tangy and bright African sourced coffee would work best.



Vanilla based desserts

Vanilla_bean_ice_cream_(3086700978)Some coffee connoisseurs recommend a strong contrast by drinking French Roast with any vanilla flavored desserts. The strong flavors bring out the sweeter vanilla notes out of the desserts. Another school of thought says to go with a Costa Rican blend for Vanilla ice cream and other vanilla flavored treats and desserts.



Do you have any ideas on what desserts to pair with coffee? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below

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