The Newcomers – March 6th, 2018

We checked out some new places that’ve opened up, enjoy the fruits of our labor below

by Alexander Quebec

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The Funny Farm (Inside the Sideline Sports Bar & Grill)

The Funny Farm

This pop-up serves traditional American Sports bar fare, with a bit more thought put into the plates than the rest. While miles away from the upscale and high-end restaurant expects from Silicon Valley, the place makes you feel right at home after a while.

I gave the Philly cheese steak burger a go. Usually, when something is advertised as such, I usually get the cheese and bell peppers, but The Funny Farm went the extra mile and put in a generous serving of ribeye (well, enough to fit on the burger anyways). Knowing they went the extra mile for the burger felt good.

VERDICT: If you look past the interior (no really, you have to, otherwise you’d miss it) this little pop-up inside the bar might be one of your new favorite places in Southside.



This small eatery has some big names backing it up; Roy Choi, who could be considered to be one of the forerunners of the modern food truck movement and Daniel Pattersen, a renowned Bay Area chef with a few Michelin stars under his belt. While this location isn’t the first in California or even NorCal (Oakland has one too), it is the first one in the area, so of course we had to give it a shot.

While not necessarily worth a trip to a Whole Foods on its own to all but the most hardcore of fast food connoisseurs, the unpretentious offerings made with honest ingredients should make you stop at least to take a break. The Foldies are inexpensive, yet pack quite a bit of spicy flavor from the cheese or salsa verde (there are two kinds), so buying a few at a time is definitely worth it (kind of similar to White Castle sliders). What impressed me the most was the agua fresca, the refreshing drink actually tasted like it came from an actual pineapple.

VERDICT: If you just happen to be in the area, make sure to stop by LocoL for a quick bite.



Chipotle has had many who’ve taken inspiration from their formula for success, Vietnoms seems to have done the same. For authenticity’s sake, the flavor is at least spot on. You won’t find the same stuff you’d find in East Side, and that seems to be just fine for this Downtown San Jose eatery. For those just beginning their journey on non-pho Vietnamese food, this is actually a great place to start training for the hardcore stuff.’s

I took along with me the Vietnamese food expert, she gave it a passing grade for the banh mi, and surprisingly the Vietnamese iced coffee (she pointed out the coffee to ice ratio was actually quite high, i gave it a test sip and I could tell that had I drank the whole thing, I’d be up a few nights in a row since it was that strong). Watching my carb intake, I got a salad bowl with lemongrass chicken (although she suggested I might’ve been okay with the vermicelli noodles).

VERDICT: I’d recommend this spot for those looking for a decent lunch place who happen to be in Downtown, especially with friends unaccustomed to Vietnamese food, who’d at least want an introduction.

Where should we go next? Let us know by email or the comments below.
A special S/O to my buddy Lina for her help on this article.

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