Vegan Spam Is Now A Thing.


The meat you love to hate (or hate to love) now has a meatless alternative.

OmniFoods (previously known as Right Treat), based in Hong Kong, has developed a new plant based version of Hormel’s Spam (or Luncheon Meat for those industry people out there) alongside a new meatless bacon named OmniPork Strip. This plant based option has no nitrates and lower levels of sodium.

“Luncheon meat is a food that everyone in Asia has a love-hate relationship with,” Yeung said. “Eating isn’t just about filling up our stomachs and absorbing the daily nutrition we need. It’s also about satisfying our cravings. So I am very excited to finally provide a healthier plant-based alternative.” says David Yeung, OmniFoods founder

With a strong presence all over China, including Starbucks in China, Omnifoods mission is to help reduce the consumption of meat in Asia. No word on any release stateside.

H/T: Veg News and Green Queen

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