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Who are you guys?

8743-CaliforniaWe started with a mission, to show the world all of the wonderful food and drink the state of California has to offer to the world.

Time and history have shown that at one point or another, California has always been the place to be. The flow of new comers brings in storied traditions from all across the globe, food being one of the major ones. California has some of the most unique cuisine in the world, owing to years of immigration, ingenuity and creativity. Our team aims to explore and inform the world about the culinary heritage of The Golden State.

As for our little team, We’re comprised of myself, Alex, and a few other friends, colleagues and partners of mine . We’re all based out of the South San Francisco Bay Area and will start our tour of California here, but we aim to explore everything from Eureka all the way down to San Diego and everything in between.

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